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Recycle your carpet in west London


Yes, you really can recycle it and once it’s recycled it can be used to make new products. Waste carpet is now accepted at six of the seven west London Household Re-use and Recycling Centres. You’ll find a clearly marked area at each site for you to put your carpet, it can be small pieces…

Commercial Composting

household separates food waste

As May is compost celebration month for west London we’ve been writing about home composting for the last few weeks. Getting started, feeding your compost bin and avoiding some basic problems. We know there are some things that can’t be composted at home in your garden and of course many homes in west London don’t…

Food storage tip:

Leftover wine

Leftover wine

Grab an empty ice cube tray. Fill it up with your leftover wine and freeze for a later date.

Reuse guides

You would be surprised about what can be reused - so before you head for the bin, take a look at these