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The west London Festival of Repair – this September

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It’s so frustrating when our favourite electrical item grinds to a halt, the handle comes off the bag we’ve had for years, or your bike chain just doesn’t want to stay on the bike. Don’t despair, instead of thinking replace, start thinking ‘repair’. This September The Rubbish Diet want to make thinking and doing repair…

Why is there a national Zero Waste Week in September?

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It’s the 8th national Zero Waste Week from 7 to 13th September, but what does zero waste mean to you? The founder of Zero Waste Week, Rachelle Strauss (aka Mrs Green) describes it as “rethink our rubbish and start to view it as a resource rather than a waste product”. This year you can take part…

Food storage tip:

Ice cube tray

Ice cube tray

Great for freezing lots of food and drinks – milk, wine, pesto, eggs, grapes, puree…

Reuse guides

You would be surprised about what can be reused - so before you head for the bin, take a look at these