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Guest Blog: How to Throw a Zero-Waste Dinner Party


by Erin Vaughan Ever taken out the rubbish after a dinner party, wondering how exactly you managed to rack up all that waste from just one night of fun? From disposable food packaging to extra paper napkins to tablecloths meant to be tossed, parties tend to come with a pretty hefty amount of waste. The good…

Waste Less, Live More!


The month of September is all about reducing waste! We started off  with Zero Waste, then moved on to Recycle Week, and now it’s time to pass the baton over to Waste Less, Live More Week. From 19–25 September, Waste less, Live More Week brings together organisations and people to take part in activities whic…

Food storage tip:



Hard cheeses e.g. stilton & parmesan can be frozen whole and grated from frozen

Reuse guides

You would be surprised about what can be reused - so before you head for the bin, take a look at these