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Tendering Opportunities

We work towards accelerating the decarbonisation of the waste we manage and the transition to a circular economy. Amid the current economic climate, we maintain focus on supporting and delivering on our stakeholder promise.

West London Waste is interested in engaging with innovative and creative suppliers. The Authority’s Contract Register 2023-2024 shows the current service providers and the dates for renewal of contracts.

WLWA Procurement Plan 2023/2024

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

We use a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for some of our waste and recycling offtake procurements. The WLWA DPS is divided into categories of works, services or goods (known as Lots) and suppliers can join at any time. Suppliers can apply to be listed on single or multiple lots within a DPS through a pre-qualification process. It is intended to provide easier and simpler access to waste and recycling tendering opportunities for businesses.

Benefits of a DPS

  • The approval process is often quicker and simpler than a framework

  • Suppliers can apply to be placed on the DPS at any time

  • Suppliers can update their submission on the DPS at any time once they are approved to reflect changes in circumstances

  • Easier for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and businesses with little or no experience in tendering for work with us before to participate

  • Award of each tender can be quicker

  • A DPS remains open to new suppliers throughout the period of the agreement and existing suppliers can also apply for additional lots if their business expand into new areas

  • Suppliers only needs to apply once to demonstrate suitability and capability rather than every time they wish to compete for a tender

How to Access our DPS

  1. Find opportunities at

  2. Complete a Selection Questionnaire / Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) and submit to us with the appropriate supporting information as instructed within the DPS advert. We will contact the suppliers to inform about the outcome

  3. We will invite all suppliers on the DPS (or for a particular DPS category) to compete and bid for a specific tenders as and when relevant opportunities arise. Suppliers are not obliged to bid.

Current Tendering Opportunities

WLWA are looking for a waste services rerouting consultant company with experience of running efficiency analysis on waste services and rerouting work for a UK urban council across all waste services.

WLWA require the consultant to evaluate the potential for improvements to waste services through a service optimisation exercise. We are looking for consultants to assist WLWA and our constituent borough’s to generate data that is accurate, live, with the ability to monitor performance/efficiency and make informed operational improvements and target limited resources where they are most effective. Tender submission date is 23/08/23.

All submissions should be sent to by 5pm Wednesday 23rd August.

All tender documents are listed below. Please check through each one before submission.

Digital Twin Invitation to Tender

Annex 1 WLWA Consultancy Agreement Company Digital Twin

Annex 2 Specification

Annex 3 Background Data

Annex 4 Pricing Schedule

Annex 5 Declaration Documents

Annex 6 Form of Covering Letter

Annex 7 Low Carbon Procurement Charter

Annex 8 Low Carbon Procurement SME Guidance

Annex 9 Preliminary Check Points