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Bottles, cups and even phone screens, glass plays a big part in our daily lives. Glass is often recyclable and can be put out alongside your kerbside recycling.

Impact of Glass

The highest environmental impact of glass production is caused by atmospheric emissions from melting activities. The combustion of natural gas and the decomposition of raw materials during the melting lead to the emission of CO2.

Whilst we know glass can be melted and remade into new product infinitely, it is also often made from natural raw materials like sand, soda ash, limestone. Exploitation of natural resources impact our environment, e.g. landscape and biodiversity. Glass produced from recycled glass reduces related air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%

What can I do
  • Source recyclable glass
  • Reuse glass bottles and jars - you can store various things, but you can also use it to make your own candles/lanterns, use it to grow herbs/plans, or keep overnight porrige or smooties
  • Recycle
How to recycle glass
  • Rinse bottles/jars - Liquids and bits of food can contaminate your recycling.
  • Remove corks- natural ones can be home composted instead
  • Do not mix in glass that cannot be recycled such as mugs & drinking glasses (see below)
Glass that cannot be recycled
  • Light bulbs, windows, mirrors, plate glass, eyeglasses, glass art, Pyrex baking dishes, fluorescent lighting tubes, broken glass, drinking glasses, crystal glass

These often have a higher melting point and can’t be recycled alongside your glass bottles & jars. These items should be taken to your local recycling centre.

Still wanting to visit your local Recycling Centre?

Brent recycling centre

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Ealing recycling centre

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Harrow recycling centre

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Hillingdon recycling centre

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Hounslow recycling centre

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Richmond recycling centre

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