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Ten million items of furniture are thrown away every year. Many of these could be used again by someone else.

Impact of Furniture

Buying new furniture for your home can be very expensive. Young couples and people on low incomes setting up home for the first time, can find it particularly difficult on a limited budget.

You can buy furniture from reuse shops that is in good condition and a different style or colour to brand new furniture.

Buying furniture from a reuse shop is also quicker than waiting for delivery of a new item.

It’s surprisingly expensive to buy brand new furniture. When you have pets or kids who treat the sofa like a climbing frame the thought of paying over £500 for an item is particularly painful. If you’re setting up home for the first time furniture is probably the biggest cost you’ll have and on top of rent or a mortgage it can break the bank.

Many of the 10 million items of unwanted furniture thrown away every year are lovely and in good condition. When people generously donate these items to local furniture re-use projects you can buy them at a price you can afford – if you know where to look. In West London there are a few places you can buy gorgeous furniture at affordable prices because it’s pieces that other people don’t want

So what can you do to stop furniture going to waste?

Give furniture you don’t need to your local re-use shop

Find your local shop in this list and find out how to donate to them

Buy furniture from your local re-use shop

Not only can you pick up a sofa for as little as £40 the styles and furniture available changes almost every day and you don’t have to wait 6-8 weeks for delivery.


Look for a local shop that repairs – re-upholstery fixes rips, wood glue can solve some breakages and replacement handles, knobs and hinges can easily be fitted. There’s lots of instructions online, just search for what you need.


We showcased the great things you can do with clothes to upcycle them and there are some really unique and different items you can make furniture from too. Check out the variety of pictures available online and this trendsetting list.

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