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Publication of Expenditure

To ensure our data is open and transparent, we will publish information about all our expenditure over £250 (excl. VAT) every quarter.

The report includes:

  • Name - the supplier’s name

  • Description of the expenditure

  • Amount

  • Purpose of the expenditure

  • Date – the date the payment was made

What is not included?

All personal details have been removed and any payments of a personal nature will not be included. Examples of excluded payments are:
  • Salary Payments to Staff (except some senior staff whose information will be published separately)
  • Pension and National Insurance contributions
  • Severance Payments
  • Payments to Individuals from Legal processes
  • Competition prizes
  • Settlements made with companies as an arbitration which is conditional on confidentiality
  • Transactions relating to the financing or underwriting of debt
  • Provisions or promises to pay not yet realised

Expenditure Reports

Financial Year 2023/24

Financial Year 2022/23

Financial Year 2021/22

Financial Year 2020/21

Financial Year 2019/20

For details before the months shown here, please visit our historic expenditure page.