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Cement Bonded Asbestos

Only cement bonded asbestos from residents is accepted and this is by appointment only. Cement bonded asbestos from businesses and traders are not accepted. No other types of asbestos are accepted.

You must live in the London Boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow or Richmond if you wish to dispose of asbestos. There is a charge to dispose of cement bonded asbestos.

How to seal asbestos for disposal

Breathing asbestos fibres can cause very serious and long term health issues. The cement bonded asbestos must be completely enclosed by double wrapping and sealed in heavy-duty polythene sheets or sacks. Bin bags are not strong enough for this. We recommend that:

  • Any materials containing asbestos should only be removed by professional and licenced asbestos removers
  • Any asbestos sheeting or similar should not be broken or damaged
  • The asbestos should always be fully dampened before handling to reduce the spread of dust and fibres
  • Avoid breaking any sheeting or similar before wrapping or bagging
  • Protective clothing and a suitable face mask (respirator) should be worn at all times.

    If in any doubt, always seek specialist advice and guidance before commencing any work with materials that may contain asbestos.

How to book an appointment

Call Abbey Road recycling centre directly on 020 8965 5497 to make an appointment to bring the asbestos. When you bring asbestos you will be directed to the unloading area where you must carefully unload it without damaging the wrapping and place it in the container provided. You must comply with the instructions of our site staff at all times. If you do not arrive at your appointed time your asbestos may not be accepted. No vans or trailers are accepted on the site.

What to bring with you

Any resident who brings asbestos must produce two forms of identification from the list below which must be in their own name and show their home address. If you cannot provide suitable IDs, you will be asked to leave without depositing your waste.

  • Current/valid photo ID from a recognised agency (i.e. Passport, UK Photo Card Driving Licence, UK Government ID card or similar); and
  • A recent utility bill (no more than 4 months old and please note that mobile phone bills are not acceptable) or your current council tax bill. Whatever is produced must show your current home address, the one where the asbestos waste you’re bringing comes from.

The Charges

Charge in £'s
Up to 200kg £54.40
300kg £81.60
400kg £108.80
450kg £122.40
500kg £136.00