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Washable Nappies

Nappy A-Z – The jargon explained

All in one

The absorbent inner part of the nappy is sewn to the outer waterproof layer creating a nappy that is all in one piece. Boosters and liners may need to be added to keep your baby dry for longer.

All in two

The absorbent inner of the nappy is attached to the outer waterproof layer by poppers or maybe velcro. There may be several inner pieces which attach together or overlap to increase the length of time it can be worn. Coming apart like this helps it dry more quickly.

Birth to potty

The design of these nappies or wraps includes different levels of poppers which adjust its size from small babies until your little one is ready for potty training.


Pads made from bamboo, cotton or microfiber that can be added to reusable nappies to increase its absorbency.


Selling your washable nappies

Flat nappy

A piece of cotton that needs to be folded in to shape before it can be used as a nappy. More commonly known as a terry towel as often thought as the only type of washable nappy


Another term for boosters, often referred to as inserts in relation to pocket nappies.


Usually used to catch the poo. You can get disposable ones made from paper or reusable fleece ones. They also protect the fabric of the nappy from stains and fabric ones can add a bit of extra absorbency too. Not all reusable nappies are best used with reusable liners, so please check as otherwise there is an increased risk of leakages.

Pocket nappy

The waterproof outer and some fabric, usually a soft liner, are sewn together but an opening is left to stuff boosters in to (like a pocket).

Prefold nappy

A flat piece of fabric with pre-sewn lines (often horizontal and vertical) that provide a guide for folding it to a three layered piece of cloth and can be stuffed in to a pocket nappy or a wrap.


This is the material the wraps or outer of a nappy are made from, it is waterproof and stops the nappy from leaking.

Shaped nappy

One that doesn’t need to be folded before being used.

Sized nappy

These are made in a variety of sizes, typically small, medium and large or sizes 1, 2 and 3. The sizing for washable nappies is different from disposables and also differs from brand to brand, so please check the size guides to find the correct size for your baby.


The name for a collection of washable nappies

Two part system

The fabric part of the nappy (shaped or folded) is bought separately from the wrap. The wrap covers the fabric and fastens with either poppers or velcro to make a complete nappy that is waterproof.


The waterproof covering for a two part nappy. It wraps around the inner fabric and is what makes the nappy waterproof.