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Washable Nappies

Additional Resources

Are you looking for specific information and advice or are you keen to try or purchase some reusable nappies? Here are some websites that might help with the next steps.

Incentives, trial schemes and suppliers:

Real Nappies for London

  • Nappy vouchers for residents of certain boroughs plus plenty of useful information)

Find a Nappy Library (UK Nappy Network)

  • Find a Nappy Library near you)

The Nappy Lady

  • UK-wide trial options, advice and a vast selection of everything you might need)


  • Vast selection of everything you might need

The Nappy Gurus

  • Personalised advice and a vast selection of everything you might need

Check out the different brands' websites via a web search and look at the Real Nappies for London supplier list will provide even more options for where to purchase reusable nappies and everything else.

Want to start your own reusable nappy trial for other parents?

Are you passionate about reusable nappies and live in Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow or Richmond Upon Thames? We might be able to help you set up your very own reusable nappy trial to get more parents to start enjoying using reusable nappies.

Additional Information

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