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Most homes will have toys and board games that are no longer used tucked away in cupboards and drawers.


  • Buy toys that are durable

  • Check you’re buying toys and games that are wanted

  • Be careful with toys to help them last longer


  • Borrow toys and games from your local toy library

  • Swap toys with your friends and neighbours

  • Give unwanted toys that can still be played with to schools, playgroups, charities and any local groups that will benefit from them

  • Buy toys and games from charity shops or online swap sites

  • Swap computer games in store to get discounts on new games or another second-hand game


  • Ask the manufacturer to see if they sell replacement pieces

  • Make a new piece to replace a lost one

  • Buy spare pieces like dice or counters


There may be parts of toys that could be recycled. Check your local services.