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We all like the bright colours and variety that painting a room can give to our homes. At some point, many of us will decide to redecorate and pick a new colour to paint our homes or workplaces. As a toxic substance, it is best to reduce, reuse and recycle paint wherever possible.


  • Measure your room. Make sure you know how many metres you are going to be painting and check the information on the paint pot to see how much coverage it will give.

  • Close the lid properly. This will help keep your paint in good condition for longer.

  • Follow the instructions on the tin for usage to get the best coverage and colour mix.


  • Donate your unused paint to a Community Re>Paint scheme or local group if they need it.

  • If you live in Richmond, you can collect paint from the scrapstore. Make an appointment to choose your paint.

  • If you are a community group wanting paint for a project ask your local community.


  • Unused paint from the Community RePaint project will be sent for recycling.

  • Buy paint with recycled content.