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It seems that a new mobile phone is launched every day. Technology is changing very quickly and new versions are offered to you all the time.

With so many mobile phones and chargers sat in drawers not being used do you really need that new phone or is your current phone good enough?

  • Look after your phone. By keeping your phone safe and avoiding damage your phone will last longer.

  • Choose your phone carefully. Make sure you know what you want your phone to do and buy one that meets your needs.

  • Give your phone to Fones for Safety. Your phone will be turned into a panic alarm for victims of domestic violence.

  • Donate your phone to any of the big charities. They will send your phone for recycling and the money for recycling will be used to help your favourite causes.

  • Take your phone to your nearest waste site.

  • Send your phone to a company who will give you cash for it.

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