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Advances in technology make a lot of computer equipment out of date very quickly.

Make sure you keep all the leads, discs and instruction manuals for your computer so when you don’t need it anymore someone else will be able to use it easily.

  • Research your IT needs. Know what you want from your computer so you buy the right one.

  • Check that your new computer can easily be upgraded without needing to be replaced.

  • Ask if a local community group or school needs your older item.

  • Give your old computer to a younger member of the family.

  • Donate to a charity. Check before taking it to a charity shop as not every shop can accept electrical equipment. Visit to find projects who re-use computers in your local area – most will professionally data wipe your computer free of charge.

  • Get support with your IT problems using on-line forums.

  • Find a local computer shop that does repairs.

  • Take your computer or laptop back to the store where you bought it – sometimes they can recycle it and you will get money back.

  • Take your computer equipment to your local waste site.

Find out where you can get your broken or faulty electrical items repaired.

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