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Upcycled Crafts for Half-term

It’s half term this week, so we’ve collected up some cool crafting ideas to have fun with, entertain your kids and use items that aren’t really rubbish after all! Using things that are commonly found in the house you can get creative and show your children just how much fun reducing, re-using, recycling can be!

Not just a piece of plastic

There will be lots of plastic bottles in your home, different sizes, shapes and colours – drinks bottles, shampoo bottles and lots of other plastic packagings too. Here are a few ideas to turn these into something a bit more interesting:

Is it a necklace, is it a puzzle, no it’s an upcycled cardboard box!

We have lots of ideas for upcycling cardboard. From cereal boxes to egg cartons, these ideas are simple but great fun! Anyone want a new necklace?

  • Why not make a puzzle with your cereal box? You can do your own design on the back and it’s great for a rainy day!

  • If the kids love dressing up why not make some jewellery with cardboard? A great way to get creative and show off their work!

When is a can not a can?

If you are looking for something to go in the garden to add a little music, why not try painting some tin cans and just using some string you can make beautiful wind chimes!

If you have any leftover materials, don’t forget to recycle them whenever possible and explain to the children where the different materials go. Your recycling is turned into new products and if you’ve tried a few of these ideas you’ve turned everyday household items into new things too!

If you’re not sure what you can recycle check out the Recycle Now locator.