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Green Choices Challenge

Here is a list of things many people do these days to reduce their waste and their environmental impact. How many of them do you already do?

  • Using reusable bags - keep them in the car or in your handbag

  • Using reusable rather than disposable items like cloths instead of kitchen towel, refillable water bottles and using washable nappies instead of disposables

  • Saying no to disposable/single use plastics and cups, e.g. at cafes

  • Switching to paperless billing – some companies will even offer you a discount

  • Keep any scrap paper to use to make notes or lists

  • Look after your belongings, to make them last longer – e.g. follow the washing instructions

  • Repair goods – either by yourself or ask the professionals to repair them

  • Donate unwanted textiles, shoes, working electrical goods or furniture to charitiesBuy second-hand goods

  • Buy items that you use on a regular basis in bulk – rice, lentils or washing up powder

  • Buy refillable products or unpackaged products

  • Before you throw anything away, offer it to family members, friends or work colleagues

  • Buy nothing day/week/month – Give yourself, your wallet and the planet a day off.

  • Support a local community project – Get in touch with your local volunteer bureau and find a project that needs some help. From restart parties to Friends of the Earth, there’s lots happening in west London.


  • Make a shopping list to avoid buying food you don’t need and won’t get round to eating in time

  • Use up food before it goes off or freeze them to use them for later, e.g. meats, garlics, veggies

  • Eat seasonably – Seasonal fruit and veg need less artificial input, have less environmental impact and are often cheaper. Check out your local market, grocer or food store and don’t be afraid to ask if it’s in season. Our monthly newsletter always features seasonal eating tips so have a look through the archives for September and be sure to subscribe!

  • Go meat-free – we bet you still have some of the delicious fresh fruits and vegetables that you stocked up on waiting to be eaten. Here are some great summer salads to make sure none of it goes to waste!

  • Have a composter at home


  • Mending your clothes instead of binning them. Not sure how? Then check out these easy to follow guides from Love Your Clothes

  • Sort out some clothes you no longer wear and bring them to a Swish to get yourself a new outfit you’ll love

  • Hire or borrow clothes for a special occasion, rather than buying new

  • Keep old, worn down clothes – cut them up and use them as rags when cleaning

  • Packaging

  • Reuse packaging and containers for other use (take-away containers, glass jars and plastic bags, gift wraps etc.)

  • Keep hold of cardboard boxes – to use to make costumes for costume parties


  • Re-vamp a piece of furniture instead of throwing it out – get inspired

Donate or list for free online (Freecycle or Freegle) furniture you no longer want