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Abbey Road HRRC Charges & Site Rules

Abbey Road Site Rules

Sorting your items before arrival will make your visit quicker and will help us reuse and recycle as much as possible.

We are now collecting some items for reuse and redistribution to local community groups/activities including laptops, some furniture, baby items and bicycles. Ask staff for more details.

Containers for each material are clearly marked at the site. Please sort your items into the correct containers.

You are responsible for unloading items from your vehicle so only bring what you can lift. If you have bulky items, please book a bulky waste collection service through your Council or our ‘Any junk Service’. Our staff will not be able to help you with moving waste from your vehicle.

Charges apply for some items, including Construction and Demolition waste. Please see below

If you bring children to the site you must ensure they are supervised at all times, this may mean remaining in your car with an appropriate adult.

We have a zero tolerance approach to verbal and physical abuse of our staff. Please respect our staff who are working hard to provide a service for you.

You must observe the site rules and the instructions of our staff at all times. If these rules are not followed, you will be asked to leave the site.

Sanitise your hands before and after touching items at the site, staff are spraying and cleaning handrails and bins but you can never be too careful.

Abbey Road Charges

On 18 June, the Government announced legislation changes to allow householders to deposit ‘DIY’ waste at Household Reuse & Recycling Centres for free. We are waiting for the Government to provide detail on exactly how and when the legislation will change. In the meantime, we will continue current charging policies for DIY waste disposal, and we appreciate your support in adhering to our existing policies

Charges apply to residents bringing certain types of items to this HRRC. As a general guide, a charge will apply for the type of items that you wouldn’t take with you when moving house, e.g. waste created by building and landscaping works including:

  • All building and demolition material including plasterboard, tiles, windows, doors, timber and wooden flooring
  • Bricks, rubble, stones and hardcore
  • Bathroom suites and fittings
  • Fencing, sheds and paving
  • Kitchen units, sinks and fittings
  • Soil and turf

If you are paying to dispose of your waste, please make sure that you arrive at the site and complete payment before 3.30pm. If you are unsure whether the items you have taken to the site attract a charge please ask staff before you start unloading your vehicle.

Charge Prices

All the items shown above will be subject to a charge of £160 a tonne. To calculate the charge your vehicle will be weighed when you arrive and when you’re ready to leave. Payment can only be made by a major Debit or Credit Card. Cash and cheques are NOT accepted.

- A minimum charge of £16.00 applies for up to 100kg brought in a car

- A minimum charge of £32.00 applies for up to 200kg brought in any other vehicle

- If you bring bonded asbestos the charge is £290 per tonne, with a minimum charge of £58. Click here for more information.

If you are bringing in a lot of mixed items including chargeable materials everything will be subject to the charges. If you sort the items in to chargeable and not chargeable before coming to the HRRC you can avoid paying a charge on everything and only pay for the weight of the chargeable items.

Upon arrival, please speak to a member of staff and inform them that you have chargeable items. They will direct you to the weighbridge to weigh your vehicle (this will be on the left side of the small single storey building in front of the site entrance). When you leave the site after you unloaded items, your vehicle needs to be weighed again and a site staff member will direct you where to go. The charge is calculated based on the difference between weight at arrival and departure.