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New Year, New Gadgets?

Published: 17th May 2022

New phones, tablets and even the Amazon Alexa seemed to be on the top of everyone’s Christmas list. With the festive period over, it’s safe to say our homes are packed with the latest gadgets and gizmos that will make our lives easier, so they say. New electronics replacing the old ones but what to do with them is the real question.

We all have a pile of electronics that we have stopped using just gathering dust in a cupboard somewhere. We’re sure we aren’t the only ones who have a draw full of cables and wires to things we don’t know, hoping one day we’ll have use for them. What do we do with these electronics? Do we throw them in the bin, or neglect them for another year or two?

Casting away our waste electronics into the bin can cause more harm than good. Old electronics not only take up increasingly scarce landfill space but precious metals such as cobalt, silver and gold can be recycled to make new products using less energy than it take with virgin resources.

That’s not all - sending old electronics to landfill has the possibility of polluting the earth with toxic materials such as lead & mercury, causing adverse effects to soil and water, leading to problems for both wildlife and people. That’s why you should not bin your WEEE.

Let’s start the New Year off by decluttering our homes of all your old, unfixable & unwanted electronics. Our first event of the year has already proved to be a success with a brand new record setting collection.

The event held at Richmond Civic Centre collected 1,882 small electrical items with a combined weight of 1,640kgs making it the most successful WEEE collection to date. Our other collections have not disappointed either, west Londoners are switching on to all the WEEE that’s hoarded in their homes and are recycling them by the truckload.

Examples of items we will take for you include – hairdryers, drills, toasters, game consoles, laptops, blenders, electric toothbrushes, battery operated toys, mobile phones, tablets, wires, cables, small speakers, radios, modems, digital TV boxes, etc – anything that has a plug or works with batteries! All that we ask is that you remove any batteries and separate any ink cartridges from your items before dropping them off as these can be recycled separately.

For more information on our WEEE recycling event & to see if we’re visiting a location near you, visit the events page of our website.

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