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Festival of Repair – Tweetchat

Join a national tweetchat all about fixing things on Twitter every Thursday throughout September from 8-9pm hosted by Jen Gale @makedoandmendyear just use the #makedoandmendhour hashtag to follow and chat. During September there are 4 Tweetchats about repairs, join anyone of them: Thursday 3 September – Favourite Repairs Thursday 10 September – Repairing and Zero…

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Waste Less Live More

You probably hear about waste all the time. Spending money on products that break after only 2 uses is a waste, buying food that ends up in the bin is wasteful and how much are you actually paying for that item considering when you get it home and out of the packaging over half t…

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Reducing your waste further with the Rubbish Diet

Most of you have now gone through your third week of the The Rubbish Diet and you’ve already got the hang of identifying items that you can recycle in the home and reduced the food which ends up in your bin. As a result, we’re sure you’re bin is looking emptier already. Who knew being on a…

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